Staff expansion

Lavoro e Ambiente Srl is expanding its staff and is looking for a person with at least 2 years of experience, who can manage an already acquired Customer package.
We are looking for a proactive person, with the ability to work in a group, who as work safety technician can implement activities including:
Inspections on Customers’ premises to verify Health and Safety conditions in the workplace;
Drafting of risk assessment documents;
Drafting of specific evaluations (chemical, carcinogenic and mutagenic risk, work-related stress, manual handling of loads, repetitive movements, etc.);
Drafting of emergency plans;
Drafting of operating procedures and instructions;
Trainer for courses related to the State-Regions Agreement of 21/12/2011 as amended, and possibly on work equipment (forklifts, bridge cranes, liftable platforms, etc.);
Management systems (9001 – 14001 – 45001).

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