Protex Italia


Remediation that respects the environment

In the 1990s, thanks to its expertise acquired in the field of radioactive decontamination, Protex Italia extended its activity to environmental remediation. Initially it dealt with asbestos abatement, as one of the first companies in Italy to offer solutions for the removal of asbestos-containing products, in both compact and friable form. It then dealt more with remediation in general, expanding its operations also to the field of decommissioning, thanks to the competence acquired in the nuclear field.
The company’s technical department is able to design and implement abatement projects for all types of asbestos-containing materials in construction and other areas. Numerous interventions have been carried out throughout Italy involving the treatment, removal and disposal of asbestos cement roofs and pipes, asbestos vinyl flooring, asbestos fibre-laden sheaths, wall coverings with flocked asbestos, and pipes and industrial plants insulated with friable asbestos.

Protex Italia takes care of the operations, providing the customer with a complete service, implementing environmental monitoring protocols and engaging in commercial relations with the main disposal plants operating throughout Italy.
Protex Italia is enrolled in the National Register of Environmental Managers for category10a and 10b – Asbestos Abatement; category 4 and 5 for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste; category 8 for intermediation works and category 9 for the remediation of contaminated sites. It is also enrolled in the Register of Carriers for transport on behalf of third parties and holds SOA certification for participation in tenders for the execution of public works contracts, in the following Categories and Classifications: OG1 II; OG12 IV; OS23 II.