LA Formazione


The greater the knowledge of what needs to be done, the greater the power of knowing what needs to be done

LA Formazione is a team of trainers qualified in occupational safety pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 who have been providing training courses for over 10 years and supporting our customers in the fulfilment of the legislative requirements on the training of workers.

Our core business is training, with the possibility of teaching courses in the classroom, on the Customer’s premises or by video conference.
Through partnerships, we are also able to provide training via E-Learning, offering different types of courses, with the advantage of being able to take them at convenient times and save on the time, travel and heavy costs related to traditional training.  

LA Formazione has UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 certification for training services from the certification body KIWA CERMET ITALIA S.p.A.

Our staff has several years of experience and is constantly updated on legislative developments, to offer a high quality and personalised service for companies operating in any ATECO sector.

Our Vision

We consider it essential to provide occupational health and safety courses with qualified personnel, in order to ensure the protection of workers. Therefore, our mission is to propagate a culture of safety and careful compliance with the regulations.

Our commitment is to be a constant point of reference for our customers, providing continuous support for the achievement and maintenance of their set goals. 

Our headquarter

Our headquarters in Via Cartesio 30, Forlì, have a training room equipped with modern, functional tools.

For years we have been organising residential training courses, given by highly experienced and professional teachers, constantly updated on legislative developments.

Their Insights and interaction with the participants ensure excellent training in the field of occupational safety.