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Radioactivity that's not scary

The nuclear section of PROTEX ITALIA is the Group’s “historic” component, founded in Forlì in 1978. PROTEX ITALIA has developed its own radioactive waste management service, with high quality standards, that can operate throughout Italy.
The waste and sources are collected directly by PROTEX operators from Manufacturers’ premises anywhere in Italy. The material is packaged in approved metal containers and transported in authorised vehicles to their own temporary storage facilities.

The company has three warehouses in Forlì authorised to hold radioactive substances, one of which is at its headquarters and has an authorised liquid waste storage system capable of housing about 250,000 litres of material.
This is stored based on criteria that take into account the physical state, the radioisotopes contained and the possible presence of toxic-noxious substances. For this type of waste, the radiation protection is physically monitored throughout the storage period.
The holding of radioactive waste and sources is an intermediate management stage between collection and final disposal and/or removal.

The company has a well-established collaborative relationship with ENEA and NUCLECO for issues concerning the management of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of facilities containing radioactive sources.

These traditional activities were increased, in the 1990s, with new lines of operation (Radioactive Decontamination; Special Interventions – TENORM regulations, decontamination of equipment (cyclotrons, irradiators, radiators etc.), areas and work environments; handling of radioactive sources) aimed at expanding the range of services that PROTEX is capable of offering with competence and professionalism, from the project phase, with feasibility studies, risk analysis and definition of safety procedures, right up to implementation of the intervention.

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