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The security of knowledge


Lavoro e Ambiente srl in Forlì operates within the PROTEX LABORATORIES GROUP with the LA brand and provides all the services for the legislative requirements on occupational safety pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended to give its customers the best possible support.
It has many years of experience alongside companies in the public and private sectors, thanks to the extensive specific skills of its experts, and has always offered targeted solutions for all types of business activities, with particular attention and care in the management of deadlines specified by regulations.
It is a global service partner for several well-known regional, national and international companies, with personalised consulting and training services for:

  • Assumption of an external assignment as Occupational Health and Safety Manager;
  • Assumption of the role of Occupational Health and Safety Officer;
  • Drafting of the Risk Assessment Document;
  • Drafting of specific evaluations (chemical, carcinogenic and mutagenic risk, work-related stress, manual handling of loads, repetitive upper-limb movements, fire, electrical, explosive atmospheres and legionellosis);
  • Drafting of emergency plans and exit plans;
  • Fire prevention practices;
  • CE marking of equipment and machine risk assessment;
  • Checks on shelving in accordance with UNI EN 15635;
  • Training of workers, their representatives, machines and equipment, pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 and State-Regions Agreements;
  • Support for obtaining and implementing Integrated Management System certifications (UNI ISO 45001:2018, Quality UNI EN ISO 9001, Environment UNI EN ISO 14001, Ethics SA8000);
  • Support in the application and implementation of Organisational Model 231 for Administrative Responsibility purposes;
  • Privacy consulting in accordance with European Regulation 2016/679;
  • Consultancy on food hygiene, HACCP planning and analysis on surface swabs and food samples, training for food personnel, drafting of the Process Control System Manual.

Industrial and environmental hygiene

Lavoro e Ambiente srl in Forlì also provides with the LA brand consulting for companies in the fields of Industrial and Environmental hygiene, atmospheric emissions, risks deriving from physical agents, asbestos risk and radiation protection.

It has many years of experience in specific assessments in the fields of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene and occupational safety, acquired through the application of standardised sampling methods and the use of high-level certified instrumentation.

Over the years, the competence gained has made Lavoro e Ambiente Srl a global service partner for several well-known regional, national and international companies, with personalised consulting and monitoring services for:

  • Indoor environmental monitoring campaigns for the detection of airborne pollutants from the use of chemicals and/or carcinogens.
  • Detection of materials containing asbestos through sampling and analysis of suspicious materials and risk assessment for workers.
  • Assessment of the risk due to physical agents: electromagnetic fields, artificial optical radiation, noise, mechanical vibrations and microclimate.
  • Characterisation of contaminated soils and sites.
  • Sampling on various sources (wastewater, drinking water, waste, etc.) for characterisation analysis or detection of legionella.
  • Assistance to companies for preparation of the documentation necessary to obtain Environmental Authorisations (AVG, AUA and AIA).
  • Noise impact assessments signed by a qualified acoustic technician.
  • Dosimetry of ionizing radiation.
  • Passive dosimetry for the determination of radon gas.
  • Assumption of the role of Radiation Protection Expert for radioactivity.